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The Cost of Speeding Tickets in Virginia

Reckless Driving in Virginia: How Fast is Too Fast?


Virginia is a state where many people love to drive. With its highways and scenic byways, it’s no surprise that many Virginians enjoy taking to the open road. Unfortunately, some drivers take their enthusiasm a bit too far, and engage in reckless driving. But how fast is too fast in Virginia?

What Defines Reckless Driving in Virginia?

Reckless driving in Virginia is defined as driving that endangers the life, limb, or property of any person. This includes driving at a speed that is unsafe for the current conditions of the road, and often significantly exceeds the posted speed limit. In some cases, reckless driving can be charged even if the driver’s speed is not abnormally high. For instance, if a driver is weaving in and out of traffic, or makes a sudden lane change without signaling, they can be charged with reckless driving.

Consequences of Reckless Driving

The consequences of reckless driving in Virginia are quite severe. If convicted, the driver will have six points added to their license, and will face fines of up to $2,500. The driver may also face up to a year in jail, depending on the severity of the offense. Even worse, a reckless driving conviction will stay on the driver’s record for eleven years. This can make it difficult to get car insurance, find a job, or even rent an apartment.

Virginia Commonwealth Driving Improvement Clinics Online 8 Hour Class

For those who have been charged with reckless driving in Virginia, there is hope. The Virginia Commonwealth Driving Improvement Clinics offer an online 8-hour class that can help drivers avoid the penalties associated with reckless driving. The class covers Virginia’s traffic laws and regulations, and teaches drivers how to be safe and responsible on the road. Upon successful completion of the class, the driver’s reckless driving charge will be reduced to a non-reckless offense, and no points will be added to the license.


Reckless driving is a serious offense in Virginia, and can have serious consequences. To avoid the penalties associated with reckless driving, drivers should always be aware of the speed limits, and obey all traffic laws. For those who have already been charged with reckless driving, taking the Virginia Commonwealth Driving Improvement Clinics online 8-hour class can help reduce the charge and avoid the associated penalties.